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by Lodds
Sun Dec 20, 2020 11:09 am
Forum: Software - CAD, CAM, Workflow Help
Topic: Carbide motion Build 521
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Carbide motion Build 521

The issue I'm experiencing is when I have a need to change a tool whilst working on the same job. An example I'm using a roughing tool path, on completion the the router sits and waits for the next command. During the wait I need to change tool but am unable to due to the tool position being far to ...
by Lodds
Thu Nov 26, 2020 9:03 am
Forum: Shapeoko 3 Assembly
Topic: Dust Boot
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Dust Boot

I have recently built a Shapeoko 3 XL with Z+. The included dust boot fits fine on the Dewalt but is too small on the Makita, the other issue with this boot is that it is not independent of the Z axis and did cause an issue which I suppose would have been obvious to more experienced CNCer. I have be...
by Lodds
Tue Nov 17, 2020 4:32 pm
Forum: Electronics
Topic: OpenBuilds control
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OpenBuilds control

Hi there, Not sure if anyone can help me. I have recently purchased and built a Shapeoko XL and would like to use the Openbuild control instead of the Carbide motion controller. I use Vetric Vcarve as design software and need to understand what toolpath output to send, do I use "Shapeoko" or "Openbu...