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by SnapFracturePop
Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:39 pm
Forum: 3D Printing
Topic: 3d printer upgrade
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3d printer upgrade

I got my Shapeoko (full kit) on Friday & have been fiddling with it as much as the girlfriend allows. I love it so much that I'd like to use it during those hours of the day when my neighbors don't like to hear drilling noises. From what i can tell, I'll need to replace my electronics & buy an extru...
by SnapFracturePop
Thu Jun 21, 2012 11:17 pm
Forum: Other - (etchers, drag knifes, lasers)
Topic: Pen holders
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Re: Pen holders

I have an Eggbot - I don't think the pen arm on it would offer any benefit here. It's a very simple solution to providing a Z-axis that doesn't need much accuracy. That's not to say I don't love my Eggbot for what it does, but aside from adapting some of the design elements to a new mount, I don't s...
by SnapFracturePop
Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:16 pm
Forum: Build Logs
Topic: Kit is in
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Re: Kit is in

Is that the new Shapeoko logo? :-)

Mine was just delivered! Woohoo!
by SnapFracturePop
Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:36 pm
Forum: Discussion
Topic: "Hi I'm Zach the founder of Inventables ... "
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Re: "Hi I'm Zach the founder of Inventables ... "

Any shipping updates for those of us with the full kit? My 30th birthday is 4 days away & this would make a great present to myself!
by SnapFracturePop
Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:05 am
Forum: Software - CAD, CAM, Workflow Help
Topic: Request for shapeoko group
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Re: Request for shapeoko group

I finally got a good simulation! Not a great tutorial, but here's what I did: 1. Create a simple object for testing in 123d Beta 9 - a short obelisk: -Open 123d, open an empty file, and save. Save often, the program crashes. -Click primitives (box object), pyramid, and select where to put it (I chos...
by SnapFracturePop
Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:28 pm
Forum: Discussion
Topic: First CNC attempt
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First CNC attempt

I was watching the Youtube videos from the original incarnation of the Shapeoko & thought of this. Hopefully you get a kick out of it! Since the ship date is almost here, I can fess up to the first CNC I made. It's two scanners and a CD-ROM laser head mounted on a photo copy stand. All the pieces we...
by SnapFracturePop
Fri May 04, 2012 5:53 pm
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Makerfaire - Bay Area 2012
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Re: Makerfaire - Bay Area 2012

I'll be there! Looking forward to seeing a Shapeoko in person - I ordered a full kit through Inventables & the wait's killing me!