Shapeoko extensions

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Shapeoko extensions

Post by blabberbytes » Mon Apr 06, 2020 8:51 pm

So I don't currently have a shapeoko buy I'm planning to buy. Yall might be tired of hearing this but I want a CNC that can do at least 48" x 48". I am interested and have been doing research on buying a shapeoko xl as well as the xxl extensions. My question is, do i want the "xxl upgrade pack" or the "upgrade from xl to xxl" pack? It says:

XL to XXL Conversion Kit

Includes everything you need to convert your Shapeoko XL to Shapeoko XXL Size without sending you duplicate parts.

New Cross Members
2 Longer Extrusions
3/4" MDF Wasteboard (2 piece)
Wire extensions (for your stepper motors)
Longer Limit Switch Harnesses
Longer Belting for the Y axis

Wondering if I need to get the regular upgrade pack which is 750, or rather the upgrade from which is 530. Thanks

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