n00b questions

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n00b questions

Post by nikorado » Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:39 am

Hola everybody,

I'm getting ready to order shapeoko, but before I do I have some question. I was looking at the MakerSlide and I can see that Inventables.com sell the 1800mm long one.

If I was to:
purchase ShapeOko
replace the 375mm Maker Slides with the 1800mm ones,
get a longer belt,
get some longer stepper cables,
make the two end plates longer
and assemble everything

I should be just fine, correct? Everything should work out of the box?

Well now that I'm thinking, I probably need a dual Y axis.

I am curious about this:
How does the machine home itself? How does it know it's position after power up?
How does the machine know it's XYZ limitations? If you upload a bigger job than it can psychically do, will it try and do it?
Can I split my job into multiple jobs? Let's say I'm cutting a 600mm x 600mm piece of plywood on a original ShapeOko. Can I do it in 4 parts by moving the CNC around?

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Re: n00b questions

Post by levlandau2 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:11 am

Hmm, lots of questions.

Yes, you can extend the shapeoko, there are several people who have done it already. It is not trivial, but is doableSee this for an example. Oh and yes you definitely need the double y-axis motors for that. In reality you really need that to do most things....

Machine does not know its position after reset or power-up. That is what the homing switches are for. Homing switches are discussed on the forum and there is some information on the wiki on how to integrate them.

The machine doesn't really know its location.... If you use LinuxCNC you can set software limits on how far the tool can travel. Also limit-switches are an option. That said, if you push the gantry too far it will crash and stall when it hits a mechanical object.

I think you can do the big cut by moving the shapeoko around although I have not tried this. May have to secure it to the stock somehow. You should try this and document it on the forum, would be interesting to see.

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Re: n00b questions

Post by zerblatt007 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:00 am

I think you can do the big cut by moving the shapeoko around although I have not tried this.
I have been thinking about this also. What if you could mill stuff on the floorboards on an old floor? :)
Maybe use suction cups to secure the rig to the flood? Or maybe secure it on the parts that is going to be milled anyway..

But after a few problems while milling like software hickups, USB hangs and millbits falling out, I think you probably have to account for problems happening. And milling something that you can not replace is kind of risky.. :D
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Re: n00b questions

Post by WillAdams » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:53 am

levlandau2 wrote:Oh and yes you definitely need the double y-axis motors for that. In reality you really need that to do most things....
Or a drive shaft, which is simpler and easier to home:

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Re: n00b questions

Post by twforeman » Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:09 pm

I put 1000mm rails on my Y axis. Works great with dual motors.

As for cutting large parts, I raised the ShapeOko so that I can get about a 1" thick piece under the rails and motor plates. This allows me to clamp it down, cut the area under the gantry and then slide it over and do it again.

I milled the holes in my 2'x4' base this way.

I have photos of my base, but I have not posted them yet. Maybe this evening.
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