Wave Disc Spring & Cutting MakerSlide

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Wave Disc Spring & Cutting MakerSlide

Post by phinsil6 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:11 pm


I sourced my own ShakpeOko 2 Kit and am in the process of assembly however I have two issues (so far... :D )
1) Can I do without the wave spring? I don't understand the function of this and it seems quite difficult to source. Can't I just use a washer?
2) I purchased some longer MakerSlides and plan on cutting them down to proper length with Aluminum cutting blade and my compound miter saw. If I took a 1000mm MS and cut in half (making the (2) 500mm MS's) would the resulting slightly less than 500mm lengths be OK? The saw blade is thin but there will be some loss of material due to kerf of blade.


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Re: Wave Disc Spring & Cutting MakerSlide

Post by cvoinescu » Tue Apr 22, 2014 8:50 pm

The length of the MakerSlide is not critical.

You need the wave spring because the washers used to separate the Z motor plates add up to 2.0 mm, but the bearing flange is only 1.5 mm thick, so there's 0.5 mm to make up.

A good solution would be to use metal Form B M5 washers and Form A M3 washers instead of the specified 1 mm thick nylon washers. Form B washers are nominally 0.8 mm thick, but in reality they're more like 0.75 mm, so two of them will add up to very close to 1.5 mm; Form A M3 washers are 0.5 mm thick, so three of them will do the trick. If that still doesn't clamp your flanged bearing firmly, shim it with a piece of aluminum foil or something like that.

Or, see if you can find imperial size nylon washers. #10 are usually just wide enough to take a M5 screw, and #4 will often take a M3 screw (or go for #12 and #6 to be safe). Imperial nylon washers often come in 1/16" thickness, which works perfectly (it's 1.58 mm, but they compress as you tighten the screws).
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