Z axis is binding

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Re: Z axis is binding

Post by FabricatorCraig » Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:53 pm

Yes, I have access to a 60 watt Epilog Legend 24x36....more than capable.

I must have missed the second page of replies in this topic about the trim pot. I will look into that as well. It seems like the binding occurs (on mine) when it's the z is down in the lower part of its travel....which made me believe it's an alignment issue....and, as such, may be getting exaggerated at the extremities of the threaded rod and bearing. I'm not sure what else I can adjust to get a consistent performance throughout the full length of travel. It also seems that the top v-wheel varies in surface contact with the MakerSlide rail depending on where the z position is. If I adjust the nut to fix this in one position, it becomes too tight or too loose in another location. It seems like if something is out of square, it would be confined to the z-axis subassembly...and I don't know what else to tweak that would address that. Hence, I was hoping the modified motor mount plate of yours might allow me to straighten things out vertically with respect to the motor shaft and threaded rod.

Thanks again. I appreciate your response.

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