We should switch to metal spacers

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OT:Re: We should switch to metal spacers

Post by bjbsquared » Thu Jun 06, 2013 1:00 pm

I have the same unease. All my date that I write are ddMMMYY
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Re: We should switch to metal spacers

Post by no_hazmats » Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:33 pm

Will Winder wrote:But when saving documents with a date stamp I always use yyyy_mm_dd so that they will sort properly.
Me to, for the same reasons. I put the date in this format at the front of the filename of nearly every 'dated' document in my business life.

But in spreadsheets, etc. I recently adopted a variation of the ISO standard: YYYY-MMM-DD as in 2013-Jun-09. I am American but have lived off & on in Europe. Most recently, a part of my job was to gather testing data from several projects, manned by a variety of international people. I found people submitted reports with date formats mixed within a single page making it impossible to distinguish if 03/03/2012 meant March 3rd or the 3rd of March ;) . The format I use is, if nothing else, unambiguous - even in different lanuages. Usually the 3-character month abbreviation is recognizable in nearly any language using Roman characters. And I was able to train MS Excel to like it.


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Re: We should switch to metal spacers

Post by Tom Smith » Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:34 pm

Will Winder wrote: But when saving documents with a date stamp I always use yyyy_mm_dd so that they will sort properly.
This is my reasoning, also; computer sort is easier this way. The rest, IMHO, is just a tomato–tomahto discussion :-)
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Re: We should switch to metal spacers

Post by Furnetcha » Wed Jul 03, 2013 7:25 am

Since the spacers are the only standard-sized pieces on my ShapeOko, I try to not think about it for fear of that idea consuming me! ;) But I got lucky... see below.
WillAdams wrote:The spacer size an old, imperial standard size #8 or #10 --- one wish I had for the next iteration of the ShapeOko is all metric hardware (and I say that as a man who prefers imperial and uses points and picas).
Being fairly certain I would over-tighten the nylon spacers, I stocked up on the #10 & #12 aluminum spacers from Inventables. And then I stumbled onto something really neat: While I was upgrading the gantry to the double X-axis, I had to use some long M5s (~75mm) to get the opposite side v-wheels & carriage plate on. Obviously this required precision spacing. I was getting annoyed at the spacers flying all over the place because of the long screws & my shaky hands. Then I thought, "Hell, why not tap the spacers?!" (I was succeeding at being completely oblivious to the standard dimensions of the #10 bore I.D.s.) Using an M5 tap, tapping a thread into those spacers was a piece of cake because you're only manipulating a tiny bit of material, and it's soft aluminum. Toss them in a vice, add a drop of oil if it's handy, and you're in and out in 3 seconds. I even put the tap in my drill (which I never do); because if I messed up, it's not a big loss.

The threaded spacers have proved to be so handy that I've tapped almost all of my #10 bore spacers! The spacers not only stay in place, but the threads grip pretty good and add some extra rigidity. This is useful for making odd length threads, making the head easier to grab with your fingers, and about half a dozen other things. Now, you can't use these as nuts and crank them down -- the threads aren't very deep and they're aluminum. But I have yet to strip a thread. And if I don't want a threaded spacer, I use the #12, an untapped #10, or I just bore out a threaded #10 (very easy to do too).

Here is a pic of my goodies box of spacers and a pic of a couple threaded spacers:
Furnetcha-ShapeOko-SpacersBoxes.jpg (275.04 KiB) Viewed 1198 times
Furnetcha-ShapeOko-Threaded10-Spacers.jpg (213.75 KiB) Viewed 1198 times

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Re: We should switch to metal spacers

Post by Will Winder » Wed Jul 03, 2013 2:48 pm

Furnetcha wrote:Then I thought, "Hell, why not tap the spacers?!"
I also tapped some of my spacers with good results. My case was out of necessity -- I ordered #8 spacers which were too small for M5 screws.
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