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Re: Fixture plate

Post by Brian » Thu May 15, 2014 2:11 am

scott216 wrote:
I just got the same touch plate and I'm kind of disappointed. I assumed it was spring loaded.
Is this any better then using a small chunk of metal with a wire attached? Or even a small copper clad PCB board? IMO - not worth $25 to me.
Mechanical switches are nice as you dont have to attach the alligator clip to the tool and these units work just fine.

Both the ebay plate and a copper plate are going to function the same, they ebay one is just dressed up a little more. I got mine for $9, actually ordered 3 of them to use on my other machines.

I like the HF cutout tool, mine hasn't had any heat related issues but longest program I've run was about 30 mins.
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