SO3 Z-axis spring alternative

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Re: SO3 Z-axis spring alternative

Post by TomO » Tue Nov 24, 2015 1:42 am

edwardrford wrote:Hey All,

Classic case of fixing the problem and not closing the loop.

1.) The combined strength of the two springs was slightly greater than the weight of z-axis assembly.
2.) Like all things manufactured, there is a tolerance on the springs +/-10%
3.) A certain amount of springs must have been in the -10% category and therefor could not support the weight of the z-assembly
4.) We figured all of this out back in September and changed the springs immediately. So if your machine has shipped after 9/9/2015, this is not an issue.
5.) If you have a set of springs that you'd like replaced, send an email into and we'll get you sorted out.

I received my replacement springs on Saturday - big difference in spring strength. Huge improvement. Thanks Edward!

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