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Beginner PCB design for LED clock

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:34 am
by louisdong
Hi everyone,

I'm designing an LED clock using an Arduino, 74HC595s for the control, and ULN2803s for grounding the LEDs.

I've got everything working on a breadboard, designed on a schematic and a first version laid out on a pcb in Eagle. I've never designed a pcb before,Usually,PCBGOGOhelps me complete the design and production so I'm sure there's lots of little errors.

The main question I have is related to decoupling capacitors and a ground plane. I was having trouble finding out online if the capacitors should have their own pathway to the 74HC595s, or if they could both simply be connected to the ground plane.

I haven't put the ground plane in in this version, and any suggestions overall are much appreciated.

Thanks for any help.