Shapeoko 3 XL (3 months old), SuckIt Dust Boot, Carbide Touch Probe for sale (Washington DC)

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Shapeoko 3 XL (3 months old), SuckIt Dust Boot, Carbide Touch Probe for sale (Washington DC)

Post by Hooray2CNC » Sat Jun 08, 2019 12:50 am

Hi All,

I bought an XL for $1600 three months ago, but I'm not using it enough and it's taking up too much space in the tiny garage. I'm planning to join a makerspace to have access to a larger one since I want to make furniture.

I've used it less than once a week for three months. Router not included (I already had one). You can get one of the new Carbide routers, or grab a Makita at Home Depot.

Extras includes the following:

VCarve Desktop, version 9.517, retails for $349. There's a $50 license transfer fee. It's far more robust than Carbide Create.

Carbide Touch Plate (only a month old!), retails for $120. ... 9437772830

SuckIt Dust Boot (never installed), retails for $89. ... xl-and-xxl

Spoilboard Resurfacing Bit (used twice), retails for $28.

Located in DC. Willing to deliver within the DMV, or we can meet halfway if you live farther out. Not interested in shipping it. Pictures aren't that great because the garage is too narrow! Husky toolbench not included.

Asking $1700.
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