Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Advice would be greatly appreciated!

Post by franazzo » Sun Jan 12, 2020 2:30 am

I realize this may not be the most suitable forum to place this inquiry, however I really want to get in touch with as many woodworkers as possible.

Hi every body:
I could use some help or advice please! My Delta Midi Lathe which I don't even use every day, quit on me after about 4 years. I usually just turn some pens and pepper grinders - nothing real heavy duty.
So I took it in to a repair shop. There is only one place in my area (Vancouver BC) and they told me that the electrical board was probably gone and they will give me an estimate. When they called with the estimate I almost fell off my chair!! $580.- and it would be around 6-8wk. before they could even look at the problem.
I had no choice and went ahead with the repair since I had customers which were waiting for some peppermills and also I had to make some turnings for the upcoming Christmas fairs . Then I had to buy a small lathe on Craigslist so I could get my turnings done on time before the fairs!
After 8 wks. I picked up my lathe and was very happy that it was fixed. I even decided to sell the other one I recently bought. So after around 1 yr , again I was only turning some pens and pepper grinders .. sh..t my lathe quit on me again!
So back to the repair shop I went. The first thing they said to me, was that there is no warranty on the electrical board , but they will check it out again for no extra cost! Again after a 3 mo. wait I was told that the problem was once again the electrical board and but they did not replace it, as it would cost alot of money!I (which they knew I wouldn't one to spend ). So now I am stuck with it - still unfixed. In the mean time I had to again buy myself a different lathe!
Now I am really hoping that possibly somebody may have the same lathe as mine and/or some spare parts that they are willing to sell because I really like this particular lathe and if possible would like to get it working again.
Any response or advice would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
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