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R2C2 Electronics for sale

Post by wisof » Wed May 21, 2014 8:38 am

Hello All,
I am looking to sell an R2C2 Starter Kit + 24V 220W power supply.

I purchased the kit because I was interested in checking out an ARM based electronics platform for 3D printing and Milling. I can say that it is a very nice board, with great speed potential. I put it together with an eshapeoko and it really flew.

The reason for selling it is that I am currently not using it. To be honest, it is a bit too much for my needs at the moment. I went with another platform which serves my needs just fine. I'd rather the kit be put to good use rather than letting it sit there. I also made an acrylic case for it that I'd be willing to send along for free.

Price I paid was €328.07, kit + taxes. Shipping was a bit extra, but I will leave this off for now. I also made a laser cut acrylic case for it which I am willing to include at no extra charge. I would be willing to let it go for €300 + shipping (willing to accept other offers). Comes with all original parts in the original box.

Please message me here if interested.

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