Need spindle kit or router

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Re: Need spindle kit or router

Post by klaus » Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:22 pm

[quote="WillAdams"]The Kress is what I’d consider a spindle, not a router. A professional tool. They have a couple of different models in addition to the single-speed unit I linked. The balance of them should be listed at:

Thank you for advices and for this link, it is very useful! Right now I'm using the Hebor router I casually came by, it seems to work fine on middle-soft plywood. The fact that it is single-speed doesn't seem to be a problem. Will study other options when time for more ambitious projects comes..

In future I will carve uneven wood. The spindle will run free for long times. I guess I should set up speed control with feedback to avoid the spindle to spin long time at full speed.. :?:

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Re: Need spindle kit or router

Post by Estlcam » Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:17 pm


the Kress spindles are reliable, reasonably priced and powerful - but they also have a reputation to be very loud.
I used one several years ago and replaced it just for the noise even though I've been completely satisfied with every other aspect of the spindle.
So if everything stayed the same with the recent models: good choice as long as you don't mind the noise and there are no other people living or working in the room next to you - otherwise you'll soon have some new enemies :lol:

If you buy one buy one with speed control.

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