Selling Super-PID with DW660, mount and dust shoe. $165 OBO

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Selling Super-PID with DW660, mount and dust shoe. $165 OBO

Post by groguard » Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:33 pm

I'm looking to sell my Super-PID V2 that has 69 hours on it. I'm also including the dw660 router, the dw660 dust shoe and the dw660 router mount from inventables.
The Super-PID is in great condition, works well. It's a little dusty but not a big deal. The Dewalt DW660 is a little worn, but has plenty of life in it. It is currently setup with the sensor for the Super-PID inside the router. The dust shoe and the mount are also in good condition. I'm asking $165 for the everything OBO + shipping. Any questions or offers please send me a PM. Payment through paypal only.

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1m rails on X and Y, X upgraded to 60x40 extrusion with openrail, Mid span supports,
DW660 with Super-Pid, IC's DW660 dust shoe.
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Re: Selling Super-PID with DW660, mount and dust shoe. $165

Post by CastIrony » Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:44 pm

IMO that's a good price for the Super-PID even if you end up throwing out the 660.
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