Shapeoko XXL and extras for sale

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Shapeoko XXL and extras for sale

Post by IowaCNC » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:52 am

I am looking to sell my Shapeoko XXL and all the extra stuff I have for it. The machine runs great but adding some little ones to my family has not left me any time to work with it. I bought it almost 18 months ago but have not been able to use it in probably 9 months. The machine will come with all of the following:
Shapeoko xxl with full limit switches
Custom one piece threaded table with a grid cut by the machine to help square up work pieces
Triquetra touch plate and cd with instructions and manual, I have it wired in with a quick detach plug so it is easily removable
Suck-it dust boot and quick detach
Various endmills (ball nose, lots of different v-bits, square) all in good shape
1/4" and 1/8" collets
Digital micrometer
Hold down clamps for threaded table
And any other various parts and pieces I may have for the machine, including all the wrenches and drivers that it came with for assembly
Finally I do have a license with V-Carve desktop, which is a great program for designing on, that I would be willing to sell to whoever buys the machine if they want it. (This alone cost me 800)
The machine works great, I again just do not have time to use it. I would be willing to travel and meet someone at a reasonable distance, I am located in eastern Iowa. I am asking for 1800 or a reasonable offer. I cant get the pictures to load, but I do have some I can send if your interested.
If you have any questions it would probably be easiest to reach me at connerb0693 gmail com

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Re: Shapeoko XXL and extras for sale

Post by evaddyob80 » Fri Aug 02, 2019 1:51 pm

Is this still available?

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