Non-vertical (slanted) walls with Carbide Create. Possible?

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Non-vertical (slanted) walls with Carbide Create. Possible?

Post by sawdust_tycoon » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:58 pm

I acquired a ShapeOko 3 to cut some relief patterns that I hope to convert into molds. Molds require that walls be slanted (also called a draft edge in order for the molded product to easily release from its mold. I am posting to inquire if there is any method for generating cuts with non-vertical walls, as illustrated in the attached drawing/simulation (which was not created using Carbide Create, a 2.5d CAM app). I am not fussy about the angle of the slant of the walls, but do need to have control of the depth of the cut. Carbide Create's 'V Carve' feature does result in slanted/sloped walls at the same degree as the V bit, but it does NOT allow me to control the depth of my cut nor to have a flat floor--if I understand the software correctly. I'm wondering if there is a work-around using multiple toolpaths and a combination of V bits and end bits, that could generate a cut like in the attached illustration. Or any other method/solution that anyone could suggest. Otherwise, I guess I will have to purchase a semi-expensive, fully 3d CAM application such as Meshcam or V-Carve and resort to creating STL files.
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A simple oval, such as in the letter 'O'.
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Re: Non-vertical (slanted) walls with Carbide Create. Possi

Post by WillAdams » Fri Feb 22, 2019 4:10 am

Yes, one can do this --- offset twice, then do a V carve for the original and farthest, then do a pocket cut on the middle and other geometry if need be: ... carve/7101
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