Speeds and Feeds for Ramping into Aluminium

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Speeds and Feeds for Ramping into Aluminium

Post by BenL » Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:34 pm

Hello everyone,

Recently I have been spending a lot of time cutting aluminium on my Shapeoko 3. It has been going pretty well but I have been having some issues ramping into the piece. I checked and my end mill is center cutting so that is not the issue. I am using a 1/4" 3 flute YG-1 square end mill so I don't think it is a low quality end mill. I am currently using a helical ramp at 2 degrees and a 0.2375" diameter with a feed rate of 4 IPM and the machine makes horrible chattering noises. Is this normal? Has anyone else had these issues? And what feeds and speeds do you use for ramping into aluminum?

Thanks so much,
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