G Codes for everybody to use.

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G Codes for everybody to use.

Post by RedOko » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:06 pm

I kind of went away for a long time and usually lurks around once in a while and now was trying to find if we have a subforum / repository for actual gcodes we can use for the shapeoko. I tried looking for it and did not see any.

I know everybody use something different but atleast but I think it will be easier to edit a particular code to work for our own machine, or we can just post the Gcodes and just state from where it was generated and with what set-up it was used one.

First and foremost will be a disclamer. "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK'

But I usually use some viewer to see how it will cut out.

Those with higher end cam software can maybe sell the service to others.

And Happy New Year to all!!!!

PS: if its already existing, can someone link me to it. Many thanks.
aka "RedOko"

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