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Assembly Instructions PDF / Scribus

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:52 pm
by WillAdams
Okay, I've started pulling this apart / putting it together. Noted the following things:

- file is dated using pdflatex --- while I'm a big TeX fan/user isn't there a simpler way to do this? If not, anyone know why Scribus isn't finding my MacTeX install?
- shapeoko_logo.png --- this is only 302 x 66 pixels, so is quite low in resolution --- do we have a source file, or instructions / specs for re-creating it as vector?
- Shapeoko_Cover.eps is actually a pixel image --- why wrap it up in PostScript unnecessarily? Would it not be possible to get a nice vector out of whatever file created the image?
- openhardwarelogo.bmp --- Okay to replace that w/ ?
- I think we should synch up the pagination w/ the page numbers on the wiki --- that'd mean that the cover won't be Page 1 (will set it to ``i'' if there're no objections)
- obviously it needs to be expanded all the way out to page 19 (plus troubleshooting to get to 20?)
- text is in discrete boxes as opposed to being placed from an external file and threaded --- my choice would be to have a basic word-processing or tagged text file for the text which Scribus could easily import, that way one could tweak the text w/o having to get all of Scribus --- or am I being too formal?

Anyone have any other thoughts / comments?