Detailed - SubForum Structure For Upgrades/Hacking

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cpt kirk
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Detailed - SubForum Structure For Upgrades/Hacking

Post by cpt kirk » Thu May 30, 2013 10:10 pm

Hello guys when looking into upgrades on the wiki - its seems the upgrades are all so doable - but when it comes time to execute and you jump onto the forum to see what is possible and what others have done. It takes some leg work just to find that as they are all over under assembly, Build logs and so on. I was wondering if there could be a dedicated section for all the upgrades to be located under its own section with a SubForum structure.

I think if we had something like this in place it would make life easier and navigating the forums a breeze :) and make everything more efficient.

I just put this together in the sections that made more sense together and nested to me. But i am no expert when it comes to CNC mills, if you have a better structure in mind please do share.

Do you think we need this ? Please share your thoughts - [Vote Here]


If you would like to mess with the structure - You can Download the .PSD for the above concept. From Here

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