Instructions / Template for posting Project on the wiki

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Instructions / Template for posting Project on the wiki

Post by WillAdams » Fri Dec 13, 2013 5:15 pm


- if you don't have an account, make one: ... =Main_Page

- upload any graphics you'll want to show off: (this is hidden away under the ``Toolbox'' link in the wiki sidebar) --- fill in all the information you want and provide a sensible filename and summary.

- Once you've got the file uploaded, you'll be at a page which will present you with all the information about the graphic --- make note of the filename (it will be needed below)

- go to the page where you'd like your information to be accessed from (in this case the Projects page):

- Click on the ``Edit'' link for the section you want to update, Gallery in this instance

- Duplicate one of the lines you want to use, or re-type it or paste in the below w/in the <Gallery/> block:


Replace the filename, username and brief project description w/ yours.

- click the Preview link

- you should see your project in the gallery --- the link to your User page and a page for the project will be in red --- you can create a user page or no --- <ctrl>-click on the project's name in red to go to a new empty page where you can fill in information about your project

- create that page using something like this:





- Save page, then close this tab

- Save your edit of the Gallery page
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