To-do for the wiki and a book?

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To-do for the wiki and a book?

Post by WillAdams » Thu Mar 06, 2014 5:42 pm

We actually have a page on this:

In particular, I think we really do need a good 3D tutorial for one of the opensource apps.

Other things which I'd like to see:

- more feeds and speeds for the Materials page (hoping that EaselCNC will fix this)
- finish the RepStrapOko 3D printer upgrade page
- general clean-up for style / formatting

Anything else?

I'm planning on doing that last in the course of re-working the wiki as a print-on-demand / Kindle book, unless there's an objection to my doing so? It'll of course be licensed CCA-SA, and the wiki will remain the master copy (anyone got a good technique for getting from mediawiki / html into Scribus? though I'm thinking I may use LaTeX instead)
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