"sub-forum specifically for discussing End Mills?" -and more

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"sub-forum specifically for discussing End Mills?" -and more

Post by MeanderBolt » Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:37 pm

Hey Will, earlier you asked In the post about the Harbor Freight micro drills about sub forums.
WillAdams wrote:BTW --- should we add a sub-forum specifically for discussing End Mills?
. I started to reply and as what always happens, when my mind starts going, I over think it... myeah... too much spills out. So, I thought it would be better if I responded over here.

I think that forum as a whole needs some restructuring. It looks like the forum grew out of the needs that popped up and seemed right at the time, but being that things have progressed, some concepts have solidified while some concepts have morphed into many new concepts. So, things got kind of spread everywhere. More to that thought, I do not know how hard any of this is to do in the back end of the forum software, so perhaps my thinking is in pointless, but regardless, here it is.

In answer to your question... Yes, I think there should be a forum for that. There is a lot of question surrounding this and it is one of the major players as far as concepts. My goto forum for topics who have no home has been the "Discussion" forum many times nothing else fits. Unfortunately that makes the "Discussion" forum sort of like the equivalent of the junk drawer in the kitchen, it has lots of good stuff, but it is just not at all organized. I also think there could be one for "Work Holding". What if there was a head catagory under get help of "Milling" and under this you had End Mills, Feed Speeds, Work Holding. While this does not really help with threads from the past few years, at least moving forward, things can be a bit more segregated.

The "TB6560 Driver Board Help" and Tiny-G threads should be under a Forum heading of "Driver Boards". There are so many options popping up that it would be impossible to start listing all the specific ones as an individual listing on the main "Get help" section. If you did, it would start to get like the CNC Zone which is a great place for info, but the front page of the forum is years long. Good UI would suggest that it be as simple as you can at the top level, and then let people go as deep as they need.

While I might be wrong, but 3D printers as a topic feels like it should be under "SPINDLES, CUTTERS, ETCHERS". If you like, you could then just add "Extruders" to the title... "SPINDLES, CUTTERS, ETCHERS, EXTRUDERS"
Trim Routers and Rotary Tools should be combined as they are sort of one and the same. Granted, different levels of power, but same operation... they are "Spindles". Actually the mini spindles and DIY could also fit this category as well.

Likewise, LinuxCNC, MakerCam, and Mach3 should go as a sub under software. GRBL could almost go into software but it is not software... more, it is a major player, so it should stay at the top, so it is probably perfectly placed.

Netduino... Not sure why this has a category. But none the less, probably would fall into the above mentioned "Driver Boards" as I believe that is where they were headed.

The "Other - (etchers, drag knifes, lasers)" title could be neatened up. But even writing this, I do not know what one would do with it. Something like "Other Cutting Methods" or "Etchers, Drag Knifes, Lasers, Etc..."

I think that there are also some areas that we hit upon in the discussion thread that could have a home of it's own. I think that there are a lot of outside links that people post if they find something really cool that is CNC related. If all the outside links could be found in a central location, this could prove to be a very useful place.

Lastly, I think that the "In the News section should be on the top level. This is news about the leading topic of discussion on whole forum. So... Huzzah's where huzzahs are due. :D
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