Updating the wiki for the SO3

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Updating the wiki for the SO3

Post by WillAdams » Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:06 pm

Been trying to find time to do this --- the SO3 page has gotten rather long and unwieldy.

My concern is that there's a limited number of pre-2016 SO3 machines, and I'm pretty sure that they're all getting updated to XL and XXLs, or are working fine and people won't need any specific documentation on the wiki --- and documenting them as part of the B.O.M. and other instructions is getting clunky.

My current inclination is to limit information on the older machines to the SO3 page only, save where cogent to an upgrade situation, copy the relevant information from the SO3 page to the balance of the wiki updating it, then make the SO3 page an archive page for "SO3s pre-2016 versions"

The only real upgrades which people were doing:

- 9mm wide belts
- various rigidity mods for the Z-axis spindle carriage plate

have all become a part of the standard machine --- there hasn't been much activity on upgrades / changes to the machines, so I suspect that we're approaching the final form of the Shapeoko, barring some major advancement in technology or technique.

Seem reasonable / likely / supportable?
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