Cheap Chinese Laser Question...

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Re: Cheap Chinese Laser Question...

Post by bharbour » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:47 pm

I have some good results. First I hooked up my Uno spare (Pin 11), running GRBL 1.1f, to my DVM. M3 S1000 gave me 5 volts, S500 2.5v, and S250 1.25v. I hooked up the laser to the Uno, Pin 11, after that and it seemed to work perfectly. S1000, S500, S250, etc with S0 turning it off. I'm assuming that S1000, giving me 5v, is the full power of the laser at 2.5w.

S5 turns the laser on just enough to focus.

My Uno onboard my control box is also running 1.1f and I added a port to plug in the laser. Now I'm working on a removable mount to the CNC machine.

I did purchase a laser window from JTech to give me additional protection from the laser. With the glasses and window, I hope I'm as protected as I can be.

I really think now that I over bought the laser...I probably could have done with something in the order of 1w. But I can run this one at half power if need be.
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Re: Cheap Chinese Laser Question...

Post by LucasMichael » Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:43 am

I know it's a bit old topic, but since then there are lasers from Opt Lasers , very good quality as you can see on their website ;

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