Help a Laser Dummy

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Re: Help a Laser Dummy

Post by jayselway » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:17 pm

Plotter wrote:Thanks I had a look on reddit.
- CO2 laser need a series of mirrors&lenses to move the beam, since it is "open air" and it will be kind of difficult to mount a 1.8m tube directly on the Z axis. ;)
- Fiber laser have the laser beam contained in a optic fiber and can almost be compared to a plasma cutter(same idea different cutting mediums)

Fiber better suited for metal engraving/marking, but not so good on other material, although I don't know how it will cope with wood and leather.
BUT if I understand correctly, Fiber laser much easier to align, or install on a CNC. If you search for fiber laser 30-50W on Google, you only get the complete machine, but like I said is tiny.
I haven't spend days looking for the laser part of fiber lasers, BUT if you type in CO2 lasers, there is a abundance of sites who offer CO2 laser tubes and optics.
Fiber won't work on organic materials. Well, it might, but not well. CO2 is the way to go. Fiber lasers are great for cutting metal, but I prefer the look of co2 for marking metal (with a solution like Cermark). Fiber etching comes out a bit 'brown', where co2 etching on metal tends to be jet black.

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Re: Help a Laser Dummy

Post by Johnywalter » Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:15 pm

Sorry,I know its old.
But I'm interested to get new or used Plasma cutter.
there topic was discussed about him.
If there is an opportunity to find out what brand & model of Plasma cutter you use for your project.
Thanks in advance.
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