Using your CAD skillz in Eagle to help you make crazy PCBs

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Using your CAD skillz in Eagle to help you make crazy PCBs

Post by MeanderBolt » Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:08 am

I have been in an ongoing conversation with KevPatt about Eagle and PCB making in general. Making a new part in Eagle has been been a somewhat troublesome thing for me in the past. Tonight it struck me, what if I could use the dxf output in Draftsight (fill in your own cad package here) and import it into Eagle for parts, dimensions... whatever. So, think about this... We use these machines to make all sorts of cool objects, or PCBs, or or or...

Many of us just make very simple rectangular boards. In the past that's all I made as that is what shape you get off a paper cutter (what I used to cut my FR4). But, we could be making boards that fit into very tight spaces, with crazy shapes, just like some make shaped wooden inlays. That would open up all sorts of killer for future projects. While this might not be new news for most of you, but it was a bolt of lightning for me tonight... So, I found several articles. Some of which I am still reading, but I wanted to share them to possible spark your imaginations too...
AutoCAD to EAGLE PCB Drawing Import
Eagle PCB DXF to SCR Converter... Script found in previous tutorial.
Here's another tutorial for board outlining using a CAD program for import into Eagle.

While I found a lot of info, I have not found anything about importing DXF for parts, only outlines... So... (But I am still hunting)
Because I need to get back up to speed on making a custom part, here's that bit of instruction...
Instructables Tutorial on Custom Parts
Adafruit's Tutorial for Custom Parts
Shapeoko 2 # 3569 - DW660
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