PCB Common Mill and Drill Sizes

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PCB Common Mill and Drill Sizes

Post by MeanderBolt » Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:56 am

I am putting together an order to the Drillman. I have been reading through the PCB area scouring for bits of information and am coming up a little short (I think). So... trying to boil it down to a short list, here is what I have come up with. If you have further suggestions, please reply below and I will add it to this list so there is an immediate source for info. One thing about the drills, either folks are good with just using one or 2 bits for drilling and that seems to be enough, but if you have a specific size for a specific part, that is useful info as well.

For Etching:
30 Degree V Bit
0.0118" ( .3 mm ) 2 Flute Micro End Mill (I have also seen this mentioned as single flute)

For Drilling:
0.0236" ( .5994 mm )
#64 0.036" ( .9144 mm )

For Board CutOut:
0.080" ( 2.032 mm ) Chipbreaker
0.0394" ( 1 mm ) Chipbreaker

Depths & Speeds
From Scott G's thread...
Feedrate 3 IPM - Depth 0.005 inch ( 76.2 mmPM / .127mm depth)

It seems that the consensus is that FR-1 is preferable over FR-4 due to the fact that FR-4 will wear out bits faster due to the epoxy fiberglass mixture.
Although, it also seems that FR-1 is harder to find in bulk at lower prices the way that FR-4 is say on EBay.

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