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Eagle. Tap files

Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 4:22 am
by anachum
Looking for some guideness for milling 1 or 2 sides pcb's.
I have . Tap files made by eagle pcb gcode. Now carbide motion does accept these files but carbide create does not.
My question is jow do you know where your initial zero should be? Do you arbitrary pick lower left point , set your z zero and start milling? Then you jog back to that point, replace file and tool and continue? How do you later cut the outline ofvthe borad? Does eagle has the outline in any of its output files or it nees to be added somehow..

Re: Eagle. Tap files

Posted: Thu May 19, 2016 12:06 pm
by WillAdams
There’s a script listed on the CAM page:

And an app which works directly w/ files from Eagle:

Here’s a person who had good luck w/ it on the C3D forums: ... -nomad/283

That said, you’ve a mis-apprehension which makes me think you ought to review the basics --- .tap files are G-code ready to cut, they’re only suited to Carbide Motion sending to the machine to be cut, though you ought to use a previewer to check them first: ... ing_G-Code

Please look over the introductory pages:


If any terms are confusing, look them up in the glossary:

Re: Eagle. Tap files

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 8:34 pm
by anachum
Thanks WillAdams.
I created my PCB and the TAP files.
I load the top etch to the shapeoko3 Carbide motion and it ran. Didn't came out nice as expected but great for 1st time. lots of tweaks like thicker traces will be required but great start.
I have a few Questions still:
1. the Drills for the components were made the same time the traces were cut. I though there is a specific drill file for all drills??
2. If i make double sided PCB, should i select Mirror for bottom side?
3. once top side is etched and lets say your zero pint is lower left, and you then flip to the bot side, should your zero move to the lower right by the number stated on the bot etch. tap ? or remain in the same spot as your top zero?
4. how do you add the outline of the board to be cut? (perimeter cut)?