Z-Axis Upgrade

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Z-Axis Upgrade

Post by akhlut » Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:05 am

Please ignore my desk, it's a disaster.All the files are here:https://github.com/akhlut/Akhlut-oko/tree/master/Z-Axis[/url]What you'll need:Mcmaster.com(2) Thrust Bearings,[sp]http://www.mcmaster.com/#6655k15/=svdf6y[/url](2) Shaft Collars,[a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mcmaster.com/#6436k13/=svdfn ... 13/=svdfnw[/url]A piece of 3/8"-12 ACME rod,[sp]http://www.mcmaster.com/#98935a817/=svdglj[/url]An ACME nut,[sp]http://www.mcmaster.com/#94815a106/=svdrjq[/url]A piece of M5 threaded rod,[sp]http://www.mcmaster.com/#98861a060/=svdjyk[/url]Misumi:HFS5-2060, whatever length you want. [sp]Mine's 350mm, but I could stand to lose 100mm.Openbuilds:1m of openrail(2) 1/2" aluminum spacers for M5An appropriate coupler. [sp]Mcmaster and Misumi are pretty expensive. [sp]SDP-SI isn't much better. [sp]Ebay?You'll need M5 hardware too, but you've probably got some of that lying around from your shapeoko build. [sp]If not your local hardware should have something. [sp]It wouldn't hurt to pick up some M5 hardware from Mcmaster while you're ordering (at least nuts, washers and lockwashers)Cut the motor mount, shim and Makita mounts from 1/2" aluminum.Cut the spindle plate from 3/16"~1/4" AL.Mark the Makita mounts for the appropriate spacing using the spindle plate as a guide, then drill the mounting holes. [sp]Cut the Makita mounts with a table or band saw to separate them, then mount the Makita mounts to the spindle plate using some of that M5 allthread and nuts. [sp]Add the wheels to the spindle plate - they need 1/2" clearance instead of the usual 1/4". [sp]Add the ACME Delrin Nut you purchased from IC to the spindle plate.Cut your ACME rod to length and add two flats to the shaft. [sp]Next, add a clamp and thrust bearing[sp]to the ACME rod that you've cut to length. [sp]Lightly tighten the clamp and push this assembly into the bottom of the motor mount. [sp]The thrust bearing should be embedded in the underside of the motor mount. [sp]On top of the motor mount, add another thrust bearing and then another shaft collar. [sp]Next add the Acme nut and provide enough clearance for your coupler to attach to the shaft. [sp]You may have to loosen the entire ACME assembly to get the spacing right. [sp]Once you do, tighten down the bottom shaft collar evenly. [sp]Next, ensure that the top shaft collar is just loose enough to move. [sp]Hold the ACME rod and tighten down the ACME nut, tightening the ACME rod to the motor mount. [sp]Once you're happy clamp down the top shaft collar to secure the rod.From here mount the coupler and stepper[sp]motor. [sp]Mount the shim to the extrusion and then mount the motor mount to the extrusion. [sp]Cut the openrail and mount it to the extrusion. [sp]Finally, mount the spindle plate to the extrusion.Now you're ready to mount the assembly to the shapeoko and wire the whole thing up.


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Re: Z-Axis Upgrade

Post by dave_the_nerd » Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:15 pm

I was thinking about this, and found this thread linked from the wiki.

What good is an extremely tall Z-axis upgrade, if the end plates and X-axis are still short and only give you the standard ~5" of clearance above the work surface?

Are there any Z-axis upgrades which actually make the machine / work area "taller?"

Edit: and how does that effect rigidity? (negatively, I'd assume.)
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Re: Z-Axis Upgrade

Post by WillAdams » Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:19 pm

dave_the_nerd wrote:Are there any Z-axis upgrades which actually make the machine / work area "taller?"
I was able to take advantage of more vertical space on my "repstrapoko" 3D printer and was actually planning on increasing the height.
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Re: Z-Axis Upgrade

Post by Gadgetman! » Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:07 pm

You would need to use much stiffer plates at the end of the X-axis, and the axis in itself also need to be much stiffer.

A pair of Makerslides bolted together definitely won't be stiff enough.
(I'm waiting for cvoinescu's MegaRail)
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