Aluminum Hold Downs

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Re: Aluminum Hold Downs

Post by TonyB » Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:58 am

Damin69 wrote:
TonyB wrote:
Damin69 wrote:I have been cutting alum at .002-.004 in. at between 30-40 in/min with very good results.
Sounds very similar.

Converting to millimeters:
0.0508mm - 0.1016mm and 762mm/min and 1016mm/min.

Thinking through this a bit further: if I went down to 0.05mm I should be able to safely go to 1120mm/min. When I went from 0.2mm to 0.1mm I was able to triple my feed rate. In theory if I go to 0.05mm I should be able to do triple my feed which is 1680mm/min which should halve my overall run-time again.

I'll play around with this on my next run of Aluminum; worst case scenario I just decrease my feed on the fly in Mach3.
are you using a 1/4" bit you may be able to push you .1mm at 1000mm with a 1/4" bit. Oh I forgot to mention I was using a 2 flute bit on my runs.
Good to know.

I also forgot to mention I'm using an 1/8 endmill. I have one 1/4, I haven't messed with it much since I've had so much success with 1/8.
MegaSquirted 62mm 7m @ 20psi on 91 octane

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