Adventures in aluminum; making a ruckus (PAIR valve)

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Adventures in aluminum; making a ruckus (PAIR valve)

Post by lowrizzle » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:39 am

I kinda sorta got my SO3 with the intention of doing as much small-scale aluminum stuff as I could for my hobbies - my scooters, 3d printers, electric longboard, lots of little things to make. I chewed through two fairly spendy 1/8" endmills in a reducer-adapter before I took a bit of good advice from friends and coworkers and went with 1/4" and ditched the adapter. I admit I've only cut a few small things in wood and have almost no CAM/CNC experience aside from a year or so of 3d printing.

The living room makerspace before the SO3:


So, I'm a sorta crafty guy, and to start with I knew what I wanted - a PAIR valve block off plate for my Honda Ruckus.

In bamboo:


3d printed mockup on a spare motor (bolts are not tightened so it's standing off a bit)


First failure - didn't cut deep enough, and accidentally jogged the machine at high speed, ruining the first endmill:

Then quite a few other assorted failures before a first success:


I need some chamfer or ball endmills for finish pass, but at least I've finally got a working proof of concept and I'm not so afraid to start a new job.


Finally, the finished piece in place.


Some Meshcam settings:


The endmill I used: ... ge_o01_s00

Dewalt 611 on speed 4, slower seems to make more chatter but cuts just as well. Pretty excited to start the next project..

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Re: Adventures in aluminum; making a ruckus (PAIR valve)

Post by TonyB » Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:15 pm

Good work!

I've had similar experiences. Lots of trial and error, but I've learned a lot and gotten to a place where I can cut aluminum with confidence. I do occasionally have issues, but I typically analyze what happened and come out learning how to make a job run faster or something along those lines.

Looks like I need to give 1/4 endmills a shot, I've been milling with these: ... EBIDX%3AIT
Lately I've been running at 0.075mm depth per pass at 1000mm/min feed and like 400mm/min plunge. It might be worth playing around and seeing how the machine does by doing things like, decreasing depth per pass and increasing feed (halve one, double the other) and vice versa; and see if you get better results. Couldn't hurt? I had a lot of success with experimentation.

I love seeing aluminum projects, especially for motors and other things.

Keep it up!
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