Adding XBOX 360 Controller to control ShapeOko

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Adding XBOX 360 Controller to control ShapeOko

Post by deejayspinz » Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:28 pm

For those that have Mach3 and want to control their ShapeOko using an XBOX 360 joystick, here's a quick write-up. (note - credit due mostly to the numerous posts I researched to figure this out).

1) Download the plugin from the - Mach3 Website. Scroll down to the XBOX 360 Controller
2) Follow the instructions to install the driver etc.
3) In my case, I am using an aftermarket controller (Afterglow Ax-1) and it did not work immediately. (Apparently getting a geniune MS controller working is easy-peasy)
4) If you have a Microsoft controller, you might be able to stop here if the above instructions worked.
5) If you have an aftermarket controller, you may have to enter the Product and Vendor ID's in the Mach3 XBOX Controller plugin config screen.
6) In my case, I ran into an issue where the values were not saving. Turns out that my c:/Mach3 directory was Read Only. Once I removed this, everything worked fine. Settings saved.
7) Don't forget to shut Mach3 down and re-open it each time you change the config.

I am now jogging and moving my ShapeOko via the Afterglow controller. Nice and cheap pendant for $25 and some time.

I've attached a PDF to some some of the steps. Again, follow the steps on the Mach3 plugin page and it should work fine.
Microsoft Word - Mach3 XBOX360 Plugin Afterglow Ax-1 NonOEM Controller Config.pdf
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Re: Adding XBOX 360 Controller to control ShapeOko

Post by kbot3d » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:19 pm

I am having a difficult time getting mach3 to recognize my non-microsoft xbox 360 controller. I have tried more than a few codes for vendor id. Will you provide an example of your vendor id and product id?

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