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Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:28 pm
by baker21
Hey Guys.

I am a newbie to CNC and am wiring up my custom shapeoko2.. I have upgraded several stuff , 1000mm x 1000mm, nema 23 motors, acme z axis, z-axis nema23 pulley addon... I am using a 4 axis TB6600HG all in one board... I amusing mach3 of course and my spindle jsut came from china today... it is a 400W air cooled spindle with a speed controller that has PWM.. it is NOT a VFD... So i am trying to figure out how to WIRE this thing and really need help..

I am going to take pics and post a tutorial of everything I ahve done.. i bought and installed some limit switches on the x and y axis... I hae not done the z axis for limit switch yet tho.. I have it wired but not isntalled yet... I also got an autozeroing plate...

I been waiting for the spindle to arrive and finally it did.. it is a 400W spindle w speed controller... it is not a VFD... it has a spoeed controller jsut like the ones sold at inveneablts for the 300W but there is no Potentiometer switch, which is fine b/c iw ant it running thru mach 3 anyway..

My board has a relay I believe it is and it has 4 inputs for the spindle.. m1,m2,PWM+, and GND....

the speed controller is same as one on inventables nearly.. 3 inputs with each having 2 wires for ea/input...

The 1st input is for the spindle wire according to diagrams.. so the red and black wires come from the spindle and they go into the 1st input on the speed controller.

The 2nd input is for power... i am using a 48V DC power supply which i bought here, which is for SPINDLE ONLY.. I wired a + and -, directly to the speed controller 2nd input for the power...

The last input is on the other side of the board and it is the PWM + and PWM - input... I run these 2 wires to the TB6600HG input for PWM + and GND, for the PWM- wire..

That is how it is hooked up now and I was told that in order to have mach3 control the power of the spindle I need to run it through the m1 and m2 relay, i guess it is built in.. I dont know what wires I am suppose to do this with though..

I am also looking at buying a SUPERPID V2... I heard good things about these but I am not quite sure what they do EXACTLY.. I guess this speed controller I have is junky, and I dont know if the SUPERPID would replace that or not? I would like to have a good working speed controller that worked well with mach3.. Maybe wha tI have will be perfect and do the trick.. for the amount of $ I spent it should work perfectly and do the job..

I want to be able to read the RPM speed though and know what the RPMs are so forth... I obviosuly will need to buy somethings so I can be better prepared..

CNC is new to me and I am reading books and pdfs and watching video tutorials trying to learn mach3... I need help wiring this spindle and need to know what I need to get for mach3 to control the entire spindle and speed and to be able to read the rpms.

LMK if anyone can help me wire this.. thx


Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 11:40 pm
by CastIrony
A Super-PID is only for controlling the speed of AC spindles (routers, mostly?). It's not going to help for a DC spindle.


Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:22 am
by baker21

Here is a picture of how I have it wired now and I need to include the M1 and m2 input son the tb6600hg... ... 1427242153


Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 3:16 am
by cvoinescu
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Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:05 am
by baker21
sorry I did not know that...

I re-uploaded it as an attachment so you can see it now... this is how I have it wired but the PWM does not work at all.. I was told by savebase to use pin 16 and enable spindle.. i tried the lows as well w/no luck at all..

however when using the uc100, i can see on that output that the pwm signal is working.. on uc100 display it shows PWM 100% at 12,000rpm when i set it at that speed...
2,000 speed shows it as 16% PWM... so i guess my PWM is working... it has to be something I am doing wrong.. or something in the mach3 settings that is turned off for the spindle or something... I dont know what is going on but the PWM+_ and GND wires from the speed controller will not work in mach3 only for me..

I attached it via m1 and m2, using the relay... and was able to control the on and off feature thru pin 14... And then i could MANUALLY control the speed with the pot...

But i want MACH 3 to control everything...

I also am looking at maybe getting a VFD and a 2.2KW 220V with buying a 220V heavy duty 2000W max AC usa 110V to 220V inverter ...
I still ahve to look into it but I live in usa and now I understand A/C is for VFD... i def. would go with air cooled.. id ont want to be dealing with water and electricity..

first I got to get this 400W air cooled DC spindle working... I see the uc100 is working and the PWM gives a signal.. I am not using a parallel port and instead am using UC100 usb motion controller... Could that be the issue maybe?

I bought a parallel port adapter for my cpu, never isntalled it b/c uc100 was working great.. though i could not use the AUTO HOMING FEATURE...

maybe the spindle DOES NOT WORK with uc100 but I doubt it b/c it is showing the right % for PWM on the diagnostics... I am still messing around with it...
If anyone knows wha tI am doing wrong, please LMK... thx for your help and taking the time...


Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2015 1:39 am
My configuration is similar - I have the same (ish) speed controller, but a different controller/breakout and I'm running LinuxCNC (so some of the nomenclature is different) with full spindle control (Except for reverse, the speed controller doesn't support that). I'm not quite sure I quite understand what your issue is but some suggestions based on my setup:

I'm using one parport pin for PWM output for speed control, fed into the speed control board's PWM input, the same as you've illustrated. Your power and motor connections also look the same as mine, make sure the input power/motor polarity are such that is spins clockwise or you'll need to swap either the power or motor polarity.

There's a jumper between the potentiometer and PWM input on the motor controller, make sure it's set to use the input (marked "CP" on mine, on the side toward the input terminals), the other position uses the little potentiometer on the controller instead of the input to vary the speed.

I'm using a second parport pin to control a relay on my breakout board for spindle enable, interrupting the +48 going into the controller (it would be more conventional to interrupt the motor + line between the controller and spindle, I decided I wanted to cut the driver too when disabled), so the spindle can't get power unless the relay is closed.