Discussion of the TB6560 type stepper driver boards.
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Post by Bob8567 » Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:57 pm

Hi all! first post here.
while back i build a simple machine,similar to shapeoko, running on arduino + grbl. works well with a router from HF,but i'm trying to move on to the next level and bought this kit-

http://www.ebay.com/itm/US-Ship-3-Axis- ... 4d2bc549a9

along with 400W ER11 spindle + 48V power supply and planning to rebuild my existing machine to improve speed,accuracy etc.
the problem is that i'm not familiar with TB6600 and electronics in general. connecting motors and get them moving via mach3 soft was a piece of cake, but that's about it. i have no idea about how to wire the rest. i need help wiring PWM spindle, e stop,limit switches and the probe.
can anyone help me? anyone familiar with mach3?

i found this link

http://www.hobbycncaustralia.com/Instru ... eestop.htm

but TB6560 is a quite a bit different from what i have and manuals for my board provide almost no help.

one step at the time.right now i'm stuck on connecting a spindle with PWM to the controller board.

the spindle and it's controller looks like this:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/400W-CNC-Air-co ... 4ad97df4a1


there is a two connectors right next to the stepper connectors-10v and GND


then there is a speed controller for a spindle. with a couple wires marked as a mach3. and another pair going to spindle and to the power supply


and finally there is a bunch of connectors on the side of TB6600 board


to which pins i should connect the wires labeled as a mach 3 on speed controller? and i guess the wires to DC spindle should be connected via one of those connectors with relays?

Thank you so much! Any help,suggestion will be appreciated!

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Re: TB6600

Post by thebenj » Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:49 pm

i am considering something similar to this, sorry i can answer your questions but i would be following this thread.

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Re: TB6600

Post by PAPPP » Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:37 am

A bit of googling turns up this product page for apparently the same 3 axis driver board, which includes a user manual and such. Looks like a better than average integrated controller, it exposes everything I can think of that would be useful and even looks like the optical isolation might be legit.

Your "Mach 3" input on the motor driver is just expecting a PWM speed control input anywhere from 3.5-12V at a 1Khz-10Khz base frequency according to the spec at the ebay link (you should archive a copy of that page for future reference). According to the documentation I linked your board steps PWM on LPT pin 1 up to 0-10V and outputs it on that GND/10V two pin header, which is compatible with your speed controller. Run wires from the 10v/Gnd terminals on the breakout to the Mach3 connector on the speed controller , GND to GND (close to screw hole), 10V to PWM (further from screw hole) and it should work pretty easily. I run LinuxCNC not Mach3 so I'm not sure about the details of configuring PWM there.

Spindle on/off can be accomplished by interrupting spindle ground with one of those relays, the three connections on each are NO=Normally Open, COM=Input, NC=Normally Closed, so run the ground wire from your speed controller to COM, and the ground wire from your spindle to NO so it will spin only when the relay is energized. It's generally preferable to switch ground instead of hot, though in this situation I suspect either would end up working. It looks like there's a jumper to be set if you want to use LPT pin 9 for relay 1, relays 2 and 3 are on LPT pins 16 and 17.

Your In1-In5 header are LPT pins 10,11,12,13, and 15. These are generic inputs that you can assign meanings to in software, the details of how you wire switches to them depends on your switches, there are some suggestions in the User Manual PDF on the page I linked - note that you only have 5 so you'll probably want to hook up both ends of each axis in parallel to one pin per axis. You can use the remainder for an E-Stop and have one left if you want to try to set up probing or the like. I can't tell if there are integrated pull-up resistors of if you'll need to add your own.

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Re: TB6600

Post by kevindt » Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:55 am

I have an almost identical board hooked up to my Shapeoko 2, running 3 NEMA 23's on X and Y axes, 1 NEMA 17 on Z, with the quiet spindle 300W controlled by it, running through a very cheap speed controller. It took a while to work out the configuration, but it now runs really nicely with Mach3, running on an older laptop with Win-XP SP3 and a parallel port. Mine came from the source that was quoted by PAPPP.

That manual is fairly accurate. One of my DIP switches is inserted inverted (the one nearest the top on your upper picture) and so configuration of that motor was fun initially.

Power goes in (24v) to the GND (-ve) and 18-24V (+ve) at the top right, above the stepper motor connectors.

I am not relay-switching the spindle, but turning it on/off and controlling its speed via the speed controller. I have the 10V/PPM output and its ground on the 6600 board connected to PPM input and ground on my speed controller. G-codes M3 S(rpm) turn on the spindle and sets the speed, M5 turns it off.

There are a set of 5 input lines (IN1 through IN5) and a ground next to the heatsink - I have 2 limit switches in parallel for each axis between IN1 and GND (X), IN2 and GND(Y), IN3 and GND(Z). There are integrated pull-ups to those pins. No resistors were needed. Currently, nothing is switched by the 3 relays, though that is still in progress. I have a separate E-switch setup that does not rely on the board or software.

If I can help, let me know.


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Re: TB6600

Post by mvcorrea » Sat Jul 25, 2015 3:52 pm

hi Kevin,

Is your controller the same as this one(4 axis TB6600 controller)?
I'm having problems in making a motor to move (G0 X20) in mach3.
I have a parallel port monitor application and I am seeing the respective ports blinking.
I also found in other site a document where I am guiding myself from
http://www.omc-stepperonline.com/downlo ... Manual.pdf
If is like yours could you please help me in configuring a single motor (or pass-me your mach3/xml file to test with)


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Re: TB6600

Post by ashsab » Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:47 am

Hi everyone,
I have a 4 axis TB6600 controller

After configuring the Mach3 , I'm now able to control them ,
but I'm little bit struggling on connecting PnP sensors (proximity sensors) on the Controller and make the right configuration in the Mach3

I'm using this PnP model :

here is how its labeled :

I've connected the sensor with the controller Board as below

Blue wire on the Gnd , Brown on 5v , and the Black one on IN1 (or Blue wire on the 5v, Brown on Gnd , and the Black one on IN1) -> the sensor works fine in both of connections !! (red light turns on every time I put a peace of metal near to the sensor)

now I've tried to see what happened in the Mach3 when the red light turns on , but nothing happened
here is my configuration on the Mach3 :
I've followed this tutorial on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lER74YSmvA), which allow us to detect the right pins to use automatically , but nothing changed

can anyone help me on this (is the problem in the wiring side or config side ?)

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