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Gravity Feed Coolant Dripper

Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:29 am
by hemocyanin
I got a Shapeoko3 at Xmas and so I'm very new to CNC in general as well as cutting aluminum. I quickly melted aluminum into my first spindle and so started using oil as a coolant -- first some spritzes of WD40 till the old can I found ran out, and then 2 cycle oil and a syringe because I didn't want to go to town. I'm sure I'm not using the best stuff, but I also haven't had a problem with sticky aluminum since I started using various lubricants nor have I had any fires (knock on wood).

Anyway, I got tired of standing there and squirting little drops of oil on the pieces during 3 hour cuts, so I made a gravity feed system. I had originally considered the WD40 can drip method I saw on youtube ( ), but it looked like a lot of work to put that together. So I printed up an alternative in plastic, and coupled that with an IV bag setup I got off Amazon, and a piece of brass tubing and a bottle of 3in1 oil I got from a local hardware store. When the 3in1 runs out, I'll refill the bottle with some A9 that was recommended to me by people at the hardware store.

Anyway, I've put the files online, including the FreeCAD source files if you are into customizing or changing things, if anyone else would like to put together a similar setup: