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DIY manual touchplate

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 5:42 pm
by jfdotcom
After seeing the huge cost of the Carbide 3D touch plate combined with it having unicorn availability, I decided to just make one that I can manually use. It's accurate 1-3 thou and that's plenty good enough for me. The touchplate is from Amazon and it's the same one linked in the wiki article.

-iPad charging cable (an old 30 pin)
-2 LEDs and appropriate resistors, 330 Ohms for the ones I had
-1 SPST switch, scrapped from an old PC power supply
-2 banana plug jacks

The red LED is simply a power indicator and the green one is to indicate zero to the touch plate.

If I build another one, I'd use a switch with an integrated light so there's one less LED and resistor to solder.

Image: ... i5otel6qYF