XXL Blues

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XXL Blues

Postby DW Woodworking » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:17 pm

Good Morning all,

So I received the much anticipated XXL yesterday and started assembly, however I already ran into a few issues. Wondering is anyone else had the issues and could walk me through it.

1) Squaring the machine-With all bolts loosened I cant keep the Y and Z V rollers to stay in contact. The right side is about 1/4 to 3/8 out when brought forward and the opposite tolerance on the back left when the carriage is sent back. I've tried clamps, straps, walking away...nothing has helped. When the clamps are released the axis just goes back to the original position, even when tightened in that spot under pressure.

2) V rollers don't roll smooth- With no power moving in both axis, the machine sometimes skips as if the V roller isn't in contact. I've repeatedly tightened and it does get better, however it does still occur randomly. It almost sounds like the belt slips? Could I have bad V rollers?

3) Initial homing- Carbide motion loads, start the initial jogging and I have a homing error after the X travels 12 or so inches. Error states that it "GRBL ERROR: Homing failed, cannot find limit switch".

I hope this isnt considered a distress call, but i am taking on a bit of water!

Side note, I like in Washington state, so if anyone is close, I'll buy the beers and maybe we could talk some shop!

DW Woodworking
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