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How to square shapeoko xxl

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 5:45 pm
by ahelwig
I bought this thing after Christmas and love it. Super easy to put together! I did run into a square problem while making a wasteboard. I did the 2" grid of t-nuts version of a wasteboard. So to do this I worked from the back side of my wasteboard first. Drilling holes through the board at a 2" grid. Everything worked fine. I flipped the board, installed the tnuts, and screwed the board down. This entire time I kept the wasteboard tight against the lip of the front rail of the shapeoko. So today I decided to add a 2" grid of 1/16" lines as guides on the top of my wasteboard. When I zeroed the machine I lined it up with the center of my t-nut holes. Well the grid doesnt run parallel to the tnuts. On the first nut (zero its exactly centered but by the tume the tool travels 30" the line is off center from the tnuts. I wouldnt say 1/16" but a little less. I cecked the diagionals with a tapemeasure and the frame of the shapeoko is dead nuts. Also when I pull the bar all the way to the front of the machine the bar the par hist the front brackets at the same time (parallel to the front brackets)
In general, this probably doesn't matter because I will now line all my work up to the etched 2" grid, but it is bugging me that this happened.

Re: How to square shapeoko xxl

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2020 3:33 pm
by WillAdams