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Z-Plus problems on Original kickstarter S03

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 9:25 pm
by 172pilot
I have an original Kickstarter version of the S03, from 2014, and I am trying to install the Z-Plus kit, for which I had to order a new controller to support the inductive stop switches.

My biggest problem is that the Y end stop, as shown in figure 29 on page 26 of the manual doesn't fit right. First of all, the 35mm screws extend only MAYBE a threads width through the frame, and I can't get enough grab for the nut to hold on. From the instructions, I'd have assumed that the intent was that the holes in the back of the X/Z gantry that I'm screwing it into are threaded, but on mine they are not. Are they supposed to be?! If not, I guess I'll have to go find some 40mm equivilent screws??

Second, the mount itself doesn't quite fit.. when lined up properly, it interferes with the v-Wheel that is just under it. It's very close, but there's no way even after getting the longer screws that I'm going to be able to get this thing to attach with 2 screws - It's just too close to the V-wheel to fit..

Does anyone else have a Z-Plus on an original S03 of this vintage? Did anyone else have this problem?

I also see a lot of pictures of drag chains in the manual. I've never had drag chains. Is this standard only on the XL/XXL or did this get added to the standard S03 later?

Lastly, and less important, since I'm uninstalling my old limit switches, which I added from a 3rd party - I used to have them on both sides of the X and Y axis. I'm used to it protecting on the front and left as well as the back and right. I assume having them just for homing is the more normal setup, and I just have to be careful to not run it too far forward and left now that I'm losing 2 limit switches??

Thanks in advance.. I'm looking forward to getting this thing set back up again!

Re: Z-Plus problems on Original kickstarter S03

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2020 9:29 pm
by 172pilot
Meant to attach the diagram from the manual, for those who dont just have it laying around! You can see how close the bottom right mount is to that v-wheel.. Well, mine interferes and can't be mounted because of the wheel..
Figure 29 from page 26 of Z-Plus install doc
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