Black oxide washers?

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Re: Black oxide washers?

Post by Dave Durant » Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:46 pm

WillAdams wrote:Apparently the 1" version of the spacer is now correct, just use it.
WillAdams wrote:For the eccentric nut, these used to be available in a form which was a spacer and required a washer and a nut — if an M5 will fit through it, that’s what you have. If not, somehow one got through unthreaded.
I'm pretty sure one got through unthreaded..
I’m pretty certain the .pdf instructions (and the wiki?) has specific instructions on the motor’s wire orientation.
The PDF does mention that the Y motors should point "towards extrusion" on page 34. There may well also be notes in the wiki - I'll happily take your word for that. I can also probably figure it out from pictures/videos of machines that have been built. I guess my point was that it would be good to have in the instructions, on the pages for installing the motors.

I know there are new docs coming soon. In general, my biggest problem with the current version is that it seems to assume I know something about nuts and bolts and such, as well as some detail of what this machine will look like once it's done. That's not true at all. Sure, I can look up what "#12 bore" or "BHCS" means without too much trouble but if the instructions went a little out of their way to make these things clear, I wouldn't have to go digging through google. If you say the Y motor wires should go towards the extrusion, I don't know what that means off the top of my head. I can figure it out but just an arrow on the diagram would make it very clear to everybody..

Not complaining - just trying to offer constructive criticism..

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