Much easier...

Assembly questions and answers for the Shapeoko 3 CNC Mill
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Much easier...

Post by kerrycorcoran » Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:07 am

Received my S3 today and started the build process. I am completely blown away at how much easier this is than the S1 Kit I ordered about 3 years ago.

My S3 kit arrived with a smashed connector (on Y Axis motors) and short 2 bolts. I sent an email to sales explaining the issue and shortly thereafter received a response from Edward that they are shipping the parts out immediately!

Every time I have dealt with this company I have had great success. It's nice to deal with a vendor that stands behind their product and helps to develop the community!

At this point I have the base and most of the gantry completed. Once the replacement parts arrive I should be able to complete. Had it not been for the broke/missing parts I am sure I would have this running yet this evening. Impressive.

Will keep everyone posted on the build progress.

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