Shapeoko 3, x axis motor overheating.

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Shapeoko 3, x axis motor overheating.

Post by gmcbay » Thu May 19, 2016 1:47 am

CNC newbie here.

My shapeoko 3 has been running relatively well, but when powered up the x axis motor gets quite hot to the touch (not so hot it can't be touched at all, but hot enough that you don't really want to be touching it for 4+ seconds). None of the other motors get anywhere near as hot as the x axis motor. During jobs, I often get unexpected precision drift that is sometimes very notable along the x axis, which makes me think the motor is dropping due to the high heat and thus skipping steps.

All of the information I can find on tuning the current being used for the drivers/motors is Shapeoko 2 and earlier information. Does the shapeoko 3 have the ability to be tuned in this way? If so, where are the pots on the board? I took a quick look at the board and didn't see anything that resembled the S2 pots I've seen photos of (but I didn't completely remove the board from the x-axis extrusion, so maybe I just missed them?) If they are there, is there a photo or schematic showing where? If not, how do you deal with this sort of situation on an S3?

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Re: Shapeoko 3, x axis motor overheating.

Post by WillAdams » Thu May 19, 2016 2:41 am

It’s my understanding that the board should correctly be set for current to drive the motors.

You might have a bad motor or stepper driver chip on the board.

Contact and they should be able to walk you through diagnosing which, and then send you a replacement, or work out what the actual difficulty is.
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