Parts to rebuild my original SO3. Does anyone sell them?

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Parts to rebuild my original SO3. Does anyone sell them?

Post by crstophr » Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:49 pm

Well I've finished my XXL upgrade project and am very happy with my new CNC table. Now I find myself with the old extrusions and frame from the smaller machine and I'd like to put together the parts to rebuild most of it. I'd need the motors, Y axis end plates, z assembly, and pretty much all hardware pulleys and belts. I've got a motor controller that I want to use already. I may attach a laser or just use it as a platform for experimentation in general.

Does anyone sell any of this in a kit? Is it possible to place a rather custom order for shapeoko parts?

I realize I can probably find most of the pieces separately if needed. Does anyone sell the Z and Y plates individually?

Worst case is that I'll mill the plates out of aluminum on my XXL but I'd prefer to stick with the original steel plates if at all possible.

Has anyone done this or otherwise have any resources that may help?


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Re: Parts to rebuild my original SO3. Does anyone sell them?

Post by WillAdams » Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:32 pm

We've tried to list parts sources on the wiki: --- let me know if anything specific is missing, or if you find any sources not listed.

For the SO3-specific custom parts, they're not available separately, save for the upgraded spindle carriage plate listed on the B.O.M. at: ... axis-plate

I've oft' opined that we need some mechanism for pooling all of these spare parts and donating them to non-profits, or sending them back to Carbide 3D for credit, but that's a lot of bookkeeping for not much return.

It should be straight-forward to cut replacement parts --- the license allows that, so long as one doesn't sell the machine for commercial gain --- any machine shop could do this, though I'm curious what would charge.
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