New: Wi-Fi Stepper Control any stepper motor using Wi-Fi

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New: Wi-Fi Stepper Control any stepper motor using Wi-Fi

Post by johnelle » Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:47 am


Big or small, bring your motor into the IoT world.

The Wi-Fi Stepper driver board is a feature-packed stepper motor controller to support whatever project you’re thinking of right now. It’s extremely versatile and fits well in projects like:
  • Home automation
  • Electric scooters
  • Robotics
  • CNC routers
  • Security access devices
  1. It can handle both big and small stepper motors with high current. It’s rated up to 85 V and 10 A rms.
  2. It’s got a webpage interface to get you started, and a JSON API for scripted control. There’s a Python library too.
  3. It has two different control modes:
    Current control gives down to 1/16 microstepping with high hold torque.
    Voltage control mode gives control down to 1/128 microstepping and smooth motion with low noise.
  4. You can set up power profiles to control current and voltage levels.
  5. You can set up motion profiles to control acceleration and deceleration curves.
  6. You can integrate with an external e-stop button and/or external stepping clock source.
  7. There are safety features like thermal shutdown, under voltage shutdown, and over current shutdown built in.
Built right onto the board is a Microchip / Atmel crypto authentication module ATECC508A. With this module, your motor controller is much more secure from unauthorized access.

IO Expansion
This board comes with additional IO ports to help you integrate with other components.
  • UART serial port
  • I2C bus
  • ADC 10-bit
You can even gang multiple boards together to create n-axis CNC routers and other robotics applications.

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