akhlut's shapeoko so far

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akhlut's shapeoko so far

Post by akhlut » Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:30 pm

Hello everyone. I got my machine assembled and then let it go for a while. It sat on my desk mocking me for a few months, so I finally decided to finish the machine off. :)

What I've done: Stock shapeoko fitted with a few upgrades.

1.) Dual-Y axis. Not a big deal.

2.) Double X-axis. Bought another piece of 375 Makerslide, aligned them and held in place with C-clamps. Drilled then tapped for M3 through the makerslide. Drilled out the "free" side to the M3 screw could pass freely through the extrusion and into the other piece of Makerslide to secure the two pieces together. 8 screws total, pretty solid. You can see the M3-30 screws just about to peek out of the tapped holes.

3.)Drilled out the X-axis motor plate to provide additional 5mm mounting holes and provide clearances. I added a hole to move the left inside idler closer to the stepper, making it symmetric with the one on the right.

4.) Got rid of all the bolts connecting the plates together and cut some 75mm lengths of M5 rod to use to connect the plates together.
5.) Got rid of all the nylon spacers and move to Aluminum ones.
6.) 3D printed belt holders and tensioners. Pretty happy with these as they've allowed me to easily tension the Y-belts to similar points (using the plucked string method of belt tuning). Also they are height adjustable so that the belts are parallel to the direction of travel, reducing cosine error.
7.) Added some heatshrink and mesh tubing to protect the wires and give them some structure. Didn't want to deal with the added expense of cable chain. Maybe for my next machine.

The difference in the stiffness of the gantry is night and day. I cannot recommend these upgrades enough.

Just waiting *patiently* for my electronics to show up.

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Re: akhlut's shapeoko so far

Post by WillAdams » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:21 pm

Looking good!

The link: http://www.newport.com/Motion-Basics-an ... ntent.aspx is an excellent resource --- how'd you find it?

It'd be great to integrate the information into the wiki, but for now I just added a link on the online resources page.
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Re: akhlut's shapeoko so far

Post by bjbsquared » Sun Jul 07, 2013 10:46 pm

Excellent! It looks like you spent the extra time planning. You will be very happy with this.

I see you have used lock washers also. To bad because you will miss the 'joy' of see parts vibrate off and land in the middle of the work surface during a job. :D
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Re: akhlut's shapeoko so far

Post by akhlut » Mon Jul 08, 2013 12:12 am

@WillAdams, I stumbled on it in a google image search for cosine error. Had a look at the full page and felt the need to share! There is a lot there to help avoid pitfalls in designing these machines, as well as diagnose some problems that people have.

@bjbsquared I wondered why there were no lockwashers on the machine. Vibrations are bad for mechanical connections. :( I've been thinking about the machine for a while now - wheels turning in the back of my head about how I can make it better with simple changes. I've been inspired by a lot of the other build logs on here. Really good stuff. I was marginally happy before the mods, but now I'm really happy with the machine mechanics. All I have left to do is fix the X-axis belting and she'll be ready to go.

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Re: akhlut's shapeoko so far

Post by akhlut » Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:32 pm

So I was inspired by Improbable Construct and the Mark II to fool around with my Z-axis.

And don't mind the messy desk... :D


Simply put, this is just better. I'd venture a guess that there is an order of magnitude less flex. And the makerslide is long enough so that there is enough clearance to move the tool up and easily change out endmills, etc.

Extra Parts:

350mm Makerslide
(1) wheel plate
(2) M4 10mm screws
(2) M4 washers
(2) M4 lockwashers
(2) M4 T-slot nuts
(3) M3 75mm studs
(6) M3 nuts
(6) M3 washers
(1) 3/8-12 ACME threaded rod (Makerslide Length + 25mm
(1) 3/8-5mm coupler
(1) 3/8 ID bearing (R6ZZ - at 0.225mm larger than the existing 608 bearing this fits nice and snug)
(1) 3/8-12 ACME nut
(1) Improbable Construct Delrin nut

Now to get it moving...

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