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Adding a 1.5kw 80mm spindle to your Shapeoko 2

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:35 pm
by thiagokunz
Hi Guys.

I just want to share with you my experiment in adding a 1.5kw 80mm spindle to my shapeoko 2. I admit this is a crazy idea, but... I had to try.
I designed and printed a mount for a 80mm spindle and I'm just starting to make some tests.

My spindle is a Chinese one I bought from ebay. It is a air cooled spindle. The first issue I had was in the fist one hour of work when the spindle heated the PLA plastic of the holder and loosened the spindle. So, I think the fist thing to do is to add an insulator material between the motor and the plastic. The second issue was to screw the front screws, because I had to left some more space to tighten the nuts. The third issue is the spindle weight (4 kilos), and my stock nema 17 z motor not being able to go up easily. So I had to raise the current of the z stepper, and lower the speed of the z axis. I'm using the new grbl 0.9. The good part is that this spindle can maintain the rpm's without dropping it, unlike the dremel I was using. I'll continue to do some tests. The next steps are mill some pcb's and aluminum.

If any one want to do the same, you can download de mount from thingiverse. But I really don't know
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