Fusion 360 CAM results in 'possessed shapeoko'

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Fusion 360 CAM results in 'possessed shapeoko'

Post by gobees81 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 5:15 pm

I'm very new to CNC but have successfully created a couple of projects. I'm making this triangle (see image below) and I think that I have to change the stock zero for each of the extrusions you see on the two sides of the triangle. I think I have to do this because I want the z axis perpendicular to the face of each triangle side.

First question: Am I right that I have to change stock zero point for each triangle side milling?

Second question (unrelated to the first): Is it ok for the stock zero to be different than the model zero? In other words (without any stock offsets) would the stock x axis have to be parallel to the model x axis (same for Y and Z)?

Third question: I can't understand when I use Fusion to create the NC file and then load the file in carbide motion, the machine does not appear to be following the stock. In this specific case, it starts from zero, cuts about 0.1 inches deep across the face of one side. Then turns right cutting nothing but air for the length of the extrusion, then back to cut across the surface and down the other side of the extrusion. The end result is the extrusion is offset from the center of the model and useless to me as a result. Any ideas?

Thank you
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