Tip for saving your spoilboard.

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Tip for saving your spoilboard.

Post by DianaB » Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:26 pm

After watching the YouTube video "Don't Spoil Your Spoilboard" I wanted to try the same thing with the Shapeoko. I was limited by Carbide motion and Carbide

The basic premise of the video is you flip your way of thinking upside down. Typically if you have .5 inches of material to cut through you you may set the machine to cut at .52 to make sure you are cutting through and with that you will cut into your spoilboard and have to deal with resurfacing or replacing.

Rather than cut into the spoil board you can take the extra space needed to cut through and move it's value to the top. What do I mean by this? I will give you an example.

I have a material that is .47 inches thick. Side note ( As we all know no material is the same thickness all the way through and if your material has any warp it will come up higher than the actual material thickness in some spots). So normally if I wanted to make sure I cut all the way through I would set my material at .47 and create my toolpath to start at 0 and end at .51.

The trick I did was to use a small piece of .5" material to set my Z in Carbide Motion then set my X & Y where I wanted it. The bit hovered above my material but only reached a depth of .51 so it cut through but saved my spoilboard (if I had set my Z at the top of my material I would have cut into my spoilboard .04 inches rather than .01.

This technique allowed me to flip the extra distance I needed to completely cut through from the bottom (and into the spoilboard) to the top (and into the air). Try it , it works!

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